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The one food Andrew Zimmern won't eatThe one food Andrew Zimmern won't eat

(1:36) In China, American TV chef Andrew Zimmern comes across the only food he won't eat.

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cengland0 cengland0 (846 days ago)
I love walnuts and put them in my brownies or just eat them raw. What's wrong with that guy?
djironside djironside (845 days ago)
Latest comment: The answer is Nothing! Everyone has something they hate to eat, doesn't mean they are weird

Guest: (846 days ago)
"I'm not your friend anymore" ? She is broken up about that, you can tell. What an idiot. No one put a gun to his head to try it and it could have been a lot worse - one Chinese delicacy is the still-beating heart of a snake. Let's see him chow down on one of those without spitting it out.
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